The Department of the Theory of Culture and Art was established in 2008. Its Head is Prof. Ryszard Zajączkowski. The faculty staff includes also Prof. Anna Kawalec, and Dr. Małgorzata Żak-Kulesza.


The main areas of research include the cultural aspect of literary output, performative actions in the context of art and contemporary cultural theories, the relationship between culture and civilisation, the visual arts, intercultural communication, and ethnography.


The results of such research are to be seen in various publications, as well as in conferences (also international) and seminars in which guests from numerous scientific centres and artistic circles take part. Another major aspect of the Department’s activities is the staff’s participation, together with that of the students, in various chosen cultural events. Such studies and workshops take into account the situation of the Polish recipient of culture in today’s changing conditions, and the specificity of current social needs.