Head: Katarzyna Maćkowska, Hab. PhD

The Center for American Law (Polish abbreviation is CPA - Centrum Prawa Amerykańskiego) has been functioning at the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration since 1998 and plays a vital part in the development of research and didactic cooperation between the faculty staff and professors representing a number of American research centers. Since the academic year 2008/2009, the classes have been incorporated in courses taught by the Institute of Law.

From 1998 through 2002, CAL operated within the Department of History of State and Law. Thanks to the American Bar Association and the program of legal culture development in the countries of East-Central Europe, the spring of 1998 saw the first Lublin-based lectures in English considering various issues of American law. Meanwhile, the faculty began to network with the Chicago-Kent Law School, Illinois Institute of Technology. The cooperation of Prof. R. Warner, Prof. D.R. Swenson and Prof. G. Górski culminated in the opening of the Center for American Law on 1 March 1999. The agreement sanctioning the integration of the School of American Law with the then Faculty of Canon and Secular Law was signed by the deans: Rev. Prof. Marian Stasiak and Prof. Henry H. Perritt, Jr. of the Chicago-Kent Law School.

Today, CAL offers 17 elective subjects with English as the language of instruction. Having successfully completed twelve selected courses within 6 semesters, the graduate is awarded the certificate of graduation from the School of American Law. The regular classes held at the school are: American constitutional law, legal advocacy, torts,  human rights in practice, criminal law (alternated with criminal procedure), negotiation (Prof. D.R. Swenson), American judicial system (Prof. G. Górski), bankruptcy law, family law (K. Maćkowska, PhD), legal reasoning, research and writing, moot court (M. Rzeszót, MA); the school also offers immersion courses delivered by visiting American lawyers. In cooperation with the Chicago-Kent College of Law, the school hosted the following lectures: Legal Drafting (C. Webber), International Business Transactions (D. Gerber), Mergers&Acquisitions (Ch. Leslie, S. Cho), Introduction to Business Law (T. Hill), Comparative Law (S. Harding), Securities Law (M. Scodro), Judicial Decision-Making (V. Gross).

A permanent cooperation has also been established with Mr. Charles F.X. Szymanski, a lawyer and acting director of the American Corner at the University of Łódź, who teaches classes in arbitration.

In 2006, the faculty exchanged correspondence with the Centre for International Legal Studies based in Salzburg, Austria. The director of the centre, Prof. Dennis Campbell, advanced the proposal that the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration should participate in his project of gathering a team of experienced American lawyers, wishing to promote the knowledge about the American legal system in East-Central Europe. The Catholic University of Lublin was a Polish pioneer of this program.

Since its inception, CAL has been actively engaged in research projects not only at but also outside the University. For instance, it co-organized a number of international conferences such as: Poland: Ten Years of Economic Transformation (1999); Transformation of Judicial Law in Europe and the World in the Nineteenth Century (2000); Safety on the Internet (2002); The United States of America after 9/11: International and Legal Repercussions (2003); Visa - a Passport to a Better World, or Merely a Political Bargain Counter? (2008, in cooperation with the Forum of Young Diplomats).