Research in the Department of Language Acquisiton and Didactis is concentrated on two general groups of problems:

- second language acquisition (French) in institutional environment-Polish secondary school.
- analysis of learning and teaching strategies.


Head of the Department :
Professor Urszula Paprocka-Piotrowska


Stefano Gandini, PhD

Aleksandra Krauze-Kołodziej, PhD

Monika Łakuta, MA

Katarzyna Maniowska, PhD

Anna Kucharska, PhD

Tomasz Niestorowicz, PhD

Piotr Wasilewski, MA



Contact :

The JP II Catholic University of Lublin
Institute of Romance Studies
Department of Language Acquisition and Didactics
Al. Racławickie 14
20-950 Lublin


Office 411

tel.   +48 81/ 445 43 55

fax:  +48 81/445 43 45