John Haldane

Professor John Haldane

University of St Andrews

Ethics, Philosophy And Public Policy

30 hour-course
1 hour credit, 2 ECTS points

March 18-26, 2013



This course addresses contemporary issues and arguments in moral, Social and political philosophy. It will provide some historical introduction and an account of certain key concepts, such as public versus private and individual versus common goods. It will then engage a number of areas of social life and action (such as, for instance, culture, art, economics, law, education, family) examining contested values and policies. The broad orientation is towards practical philosophy.


Useful reading

  • John Haldane, Practical Philosophy: Ethics, Society and Culture. Exeter: Imprint, 2009

  • Jonathan Wolff, Ethics and Public Policy. London: Routledge, 2011

Questions should be directed to:

  • dr hab. Agnieszka Lekka-Kowalik (alekka-/at/
  • or mgr Łukasz Cięgotura (LukaszCiegotura-/at/


Wykłady rozpoczną się w poniedziałek, 18 marca o godz. 9.30 w sali 212GG.


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