Dr. Hab. Paweł Smoleń, Prof. KUL

Vice-Rector for General Affairs

Prof. Smoleń graduated from the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration of KUL. He began his employment on October 1, 1994 as a research and teaching assistant in the Department of Finance and Financial Law. He held a fellowship in 1997 at the University of Groningen (Netherlands). In 1998-99, he was a member of a team of experts appointed by the Prime Minister to prepare guidelines for the reform of tax law. He has written expert reports commissioned by the Bureau of Research of the Chancellery of the Polish Parliament [Sejm] on proposed amendments to the Polish tax law. He defended his doctoral dissertation, Sytuacja rodziny w polskim prawie podatkowym [The Situation of the Family in the Polish Tax Law] in 1999. In the period 2000-2004, in connection with his scholarly research, he visited the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation in Amsterdam. In 2007, on the basis of his thesis, Kształtowanie obciążenia w podatku od spadków i darowizn [Shaping Financial Liability under Inheritance and Gift Taxes], he was awarded a habilitated doctor (doktor habilitowany) degree in law.

He is the head of the Department of Finance and Financial Law at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. In 2008, he was appointed Director of the Institute of Law. In January 2007, the Prime Minister appointed him President of the Local Government Appeal Committee in Lublin. In February 2009, he was appointed a professor of KUL.

He is also a member of the editorial council of the monthly “Review of Local Taxes and Local Government Finances” and the journal "Law and Politics". He is a member of the editorial board of the quarterly "Casus". He has been a member (since November 2010) of the Expert Committee for Local Tax Law operating within the framework of the National Research Network entitled “Creation and Application of the Tax Law by Local Government Units”. His publications and classes cover a wide range of financial law issues, with particular emphasis on financial and legal matters at the local government level.



  • To develop and implement the administrative staff employment policy;
  • To supervise the quality of work of administrative staff;
  • To supervise the assets of the University;
  • To develop the financial policy of the University;
  • To supervise the effective execution of the activity-and-finance plan of the University;
  • To supervise purchases and supplies and related storage management;
  • To supervise the editorial activities of the University;
  • To supervise preparation and implementation of investment plans;
  • To cooperate with foundations that support the University, in particular with the Countess Aniela Potulicka Foundation and the KUL Development Foundation.



Secretary of the Vice-Rector

Aneta Zgutka, MA


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