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  • stypendium Ernst Mach oraz
  • programu LLM - International Tax Law.


Dear Colleagues,
The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law would like to inform you about the Ernst Mach grants which are awarded by the Austrian Exchange Service (OeAD-GmbH/ICM) on behalf of and financed by the BMWF.
The Ernst Mach Worldwide grant enables young graduates (Maximum age: 35 years – born on or after Oct. 1st, 1978) from all countries (except Austria) to apply for a research period (one to nine months) in Austria, supported by a grant. The grant benefit paid is a monthly rate of Euro 940 (for graduates).
More details can be found in the attached information sheet and on our homepage www.wu-wien.ac.at/taxlaw and via the link: http://www.wu.ac.at/taxlaw/research/fellowshipprograms/ernst-mach
In order to be able to apply for the Ernst Mach grant the consent of an Austrian supervisor is required. The Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law would be very happy to support the application of promising candidates who are doing research in International Tax Law.
We kindly ask you to tell us if you are interested in applying or if you know a researcher who could be interested in applying for the Ernst Mach grant. Please submit your applications to us by 15th of January 2014 as the closing date for applications is 1st of March 2014 (for research periods within the academic year 2014/15)
If you are interested we would need following information:

  • your CV  
  • list of publications
  • preferred date* of beginning and end of your research stay
  • second preference for start and end
  • topic of your doctoral thesis/research topic

*) applications are possible for periods within the Academic Year 2014/15, which means that the earliest possible starting date is October 1, 2014, and the latest ending date is Sept. 31, 2015.  
Please also check the attached PDF for more information.
We are looking forward to receiving your applications by email to raquel.eason@wu.ac.at
Kind regards,
Michael Lang / Josef Schuch / Claus Staringer / Pasquale Pistone / Alfred Storck / Jeffrey Owens 


Dear colleagues,
In September 2014 we are going to start again with an LLM program in International Tax Law. Our Master of Laws-program will be offered only as full-time studies in September 2014. Applications can be made until April 15, 2014, at the latest.
Additionally the Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law wants to inform you about a Scholarship for a full time course of our LL.M. program in International Tax Law:
Erste Bank and Die Presse offer a full-time scholarship for the academic year 2014/2015 which represents Euro 11.900,-Every graduate in the field of economics, social science and laws, who has not yet completed his 30th year by the time of application, is allowed to apply. The scholarship will be granted in accordance with regulations for the curriculum of the LL.M. program in International Tax Law to the applicant who evidences best academic accomplishment. Additional skills will be taken into account, as well.
Please submit your application for the scholarship by February 28, 2014 at the latest, to Ms. Mag. Ender-Rochowansky. Any recourse to courts of law is excluded. The application form is for download at http://www.international-tax-law.at
The deadline for applications for a regular place in the course is April 15, 2014.
Information at:
Mag. Barbara Ender-Rochowansky
Akademie der Wirtschaftstreuhänder GmbH
Tel.: +043 (0)1-815 08 50-15; b.ender@wt-akademie.at
Kind regards,
Michael Lang / Josef Schuch / Claus Staringer / Pasquale Pistone / Alfred Storck / Jeffrey Owens


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