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The legal norms concerning shrines in the Code of Canon Law of 1983 and in the First Synod of Diocese of Kalisz (2007-2009)


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In the article there were analyzed the legal norms concerning shrines included in common law and particular law of the diocese of Kalisz. The Author noticed that the shrines are sacred places to which people make pilgrimage and have lots of functions, this is why the legislator of the First Synod of Diocese of Kalisz, which took place in 2007-2009, regulated this issue in particular law.
The Author presented the term of "shrine" and indicated material and formal element. The legislator in the Code distinguished a diocesan shrine, a national shrine and an international shrine, while the legislator in diocese of Kalisz made different classification.
The Author indicated what the statutes of the shrine should regulate in particular to efficiently administrate the shrine, there was also presented the authority competent to approve these statutes. There were presented functions of the shrine curator, who is head a shrine.


Słowa kluczowe: sanktuarium, synod, statuty, diecezja kaliska, kustosz

Key words: shrine, synod, statutes, diocese of Kalisz, curator

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