Pomiar procesu usprawniania funkcji percepcyjnomotorycznych

Ewa Zwolińska
Zakład Muzyki, Plastyki i Techniki Wydział Pedagogiki i
Psychologii Wyższej Szkoły Pedagogicznej

Summary. The aim of this study is to compare the effectiveness of two corrective and
compensatory proceedings (with music and without it) in the process of improving the
disordered perception of motoric functions. The basic measurement tool is a formula
relating to effectiveness of teacher's actions (J. M. Kauffman and D. P. Hallahan) which
defines the quantitative relation between teaching and learning process-
The measurement applied renders it possible to discern the changes in children
behavior. The experimental research aimed at pointing to changes in functioning of
eyesight and hearing analysators and the motoric functions on the grounds of continuous
measurement of the child's effort (A), teacher's effort (C) and time (T) used to perform
each task. The study presents the way of data registering, the model data observation sheet
and the method of data presentation.
The basic criterions of data presentation method are: 1) correctness of tasks performance;
2) intensity of learning; 3) intensity of teaching; 4) learning pace; 5) teaching
pace; 6) efectiveness of teacher's actions.
The comparison of two correction and compensatory proceedings (with music and
without it) has given the information on usefulness of the formula in education which
seems to be especially useful in regards to children with problems in knowledge acquirement
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