Scientific interest and research

  • cytophysiology of immune cells
  • immunotoxic influence of different kinds of xenobiotics on vertebrates with special emphasis on fish;
  • possibilities of modulation of impaired immune reactions;
  • the use of modern molecular methods in immunology; the molecular mechanisms of the immune response;
  • environmental toxicology;biomonitoring; the use of bioindicatorsin the analysisof environmentalcontaminates;


Skills and methods


Skills: primary cell cultures and cell lines, cytotoxicity testing including determination of mechanisms of cell death, cell viability, proliferation, mitochondrial functions, detection of oxidative stress; immunolocalization of actine and tubuline in cells, measurement of parameters of fish and higher vertebrate immune response in the in vitro and in vivo experiments (phagocytic activity of immune cells, free radicals production, cytokine expression, proliferative ability of lymphocytes), haematological parameters; evaluation of environmental contaminates using bioindicators


Techniques and methods: microscopy, fluorescent microscopy techniques, ELISA and other immunoenzymatic methods; spectrometric, fluorimetric and luminescence assays, DNA and RNA isolatinon, western blotting, bioassays