Selected publications from 2011-2015


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Oral presentations on international and national conferences in 2008-2015

  • „Cyanobacterial products as the potential genotoxic factors”, VIII Scientific Conference „Current problems in medical biology”, 16-19.05.2013, Kazimierz Dolny.
  • „Assessment of mutagenic potential of cyanobacterial products” III National Ecotoxicological Workshop "Practical usage of bioindication systems in assessment of toxicity of environment and chemicals", 11-12.04.2013, Łódź.
  • „Possibilities of usage of biotests in assessment of cyanotoxin toxicity”, II National Ecotoxicological Workshop " Practical usage of bioindication systems in assessment of toxicity of environment and chemicals", 19-20.04.2012, Konstantynów Łódzki.
  • „Application of different biotests for toxicity assessment of cyanobacterial toxins”, 31th International Conference of the Polish Phycological Society “Algae in human’s environment. Taxonomy, ecology and role in ecological status assessment”, 17-20.05.2012, Olsztyn.
  • „Cyanobacterial secondary metabolites as inductors and suppressors of carcinogenesis”, Conference „Biotechnology – chances and risks”, 16-17.06.2011, Lublin.
  • “Cytotoxic effects of selected cyanotoxins on fish immune cells”, Conference Biotechnology – chance and risk”, 16-17.06.2011, Lublin.
  • “Microcystin-LR modulates selected immune parameters and induces necrosis/apoptosis of carp leucocytes”, 1st International Workshop “Aquatic Toxicology and Biomonitoring”, 27-29.08.2008, Vodnany, Czech Republic.