The „OPEN INTEGRATION” is a project co-funded from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF). The Project started on the 1st of February 2016 and the ending date of the project is set to 31st of January 2018.
The project links the activities aimed at supporting and introducing migrants to Polish society, Polish language courses, orientation weeks and summer schools. Participation in the project is open to all Lublin students coming from outside of the European Union.
OPEN INTEGRATION realizes a goal of direct immigrants’ support and introducing them to Polish society by following actions: Trainings in integration and cultural module; Language courses; Soft skills trainings needed at the labor market; Organizing two editions of Orientation Week for foreign students; Editing and distributing of the Newsletter directed to students (OPEN INTEGRATION NEWSLETTER); Organizing two editions of Summer School – “Protection of Migrants’ Rights”; Actions of the assistant for integration and legislation; Permanent integration support for foreign students thanks to the assistance of Polish students (guardian angels) on the basis of a “common room” at the University.
Final beneficiaries of the project are foreign students studying in Lublin. According to assumptions jointly 600 foreigners will benefit from the project.
The project will be realized by the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), four entities will be involved – The Open University KUL, The School of Polish Language and Culture KUL; Research Center for European Law and Migration Policy and KUL Department of Education.



"OPEN INTEGRATION" project actions:

Two editions will be organized, each of them covers carrying out of two trainings in summer semesters.. In the framework of this action students will be also taken on trips to Muzeum Wsi Lubelskiej, Kazimierz Dolny and Roztocze. The action is realized by The Open University KUL.


Courses of Polish as a foreign language will be delivered by instructors with using modern teaching techniques. Classes will be organized in two editions. The action is organized by the School of Polish Language and Culture KUL.

Trainings will be conducted for two groups in two editions. The subject matter of the courses will concern memorizing techniques, time management skills, creativity, preparing job application (CV and cover letter), self-presentation, principles of savoir-vivre, indentifying professional potential, ways of determining future career. The action is organized by The Open University KUL.


Orientation week assumes conducting 5-day meeting cycle with a group of minimum 20 foreigners currently starting their studies at the University. Basic aim of the meetings is to introduce foreign students into reality of studying and living in Poland. Orientation week will be carried out in two editions. First edition will be organized in October 2016. The action is organized by The Open University KUL and the Research Center for European Law and Migration Policy.


During the project a Newsletter directed to students will be prepared – exactly to foreigners studying in Lublin. The Newsletter will present information concerning the protection of rights and duties of migrants and help them in everyday life at the University, also inviting them to actively participate in the academic life. Newsletter will be published, on average, quarterly (with the exception of summer holidays) in two language versions: Polish and English. Newsletter will also be an instrument of exchanging information between foreign students at the University, which will be additionally invited to edit it. The action is realized by the Research Center for European Law and Migration Policy KUL.



One week summer school will be organized in July 2016 and 2017 - directed to foreign students, but also the migrants’ leaders, which will be invited by the University (20 people). The program of the summer school covers daily classes (8h) and networking visits. The idea of the Summer School program will focus on thematic days, while realization of the program will help to build an effective system of support for migrants in terms of legal and civic education. They will be equipped with knowledge and skills of effective protection of their rights.
A formula of the summer school will have a unique character – basing on theoretical knowledge participants will be acquainted with methods of practical protection of their rights and asserting their claims. The action will be realized by the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration KUL, Research Center for European Law and Migration Policy and The Open University KUL


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