Journal for Perpectives of Economic Political and Social Integration. Journal for Mental Changes is an international and multidisciplinary forum for presenting relevant ideas concerning changes in economic, political, social, ecological and religious issues. The language is English. The journal publishes mainly theoretical and empirical articles but also essays, opinions and proposals.

     The following types of papers are invited:

a) theoretical analyses, models useful in description and interpretation of global political, social and economic changes - having special significance for Central and Eastern Europe;

b) reports from original empirical investigations /meeting adequate methodological standards/;

c) review papers giving a synthesis of research in a particular field;

d) methodological proposals and critiques relevant to mental changes;

e) essays and discussions based on personal observations, experience and evaluations.

f) case studies, presentations of companies/ institutions, which are making a meaningful contribution to the region. (We also offer possibility of publishing advertisements - especially informative or educational in nature).


It is necessary to send the article in doc type file to e-mail address: and advised to send hard copy of the article with diskette or CD to the journal secretary at the following address:

Grzegorz Kida

Secretary of

Journal for Perpectives of Economic Political and Social Integration.

Journal for Mental Changes

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Al. Racławickie, 14 C-336

20-950 Lublin, Poland

     Upon submitting a paper it is understood that the paper is not being considered for publication elsewhere. It is the author's responsibility to obtain written permission from publishers for using lengthy quotations, and illustrations, and all such references must be footnoted. Authors should use American Psychological Association style.

     Please enclose at the beginning of your article an abstract (maximum 150 words) as well as short biographical note about the authors  affiliation addresses, their positions and titles science accomplishments  and interests etc Tables and graphs should be clearly numbered and supplied with self-explanatory titles.

            Manuscripts accepted for review are evaluated by two specialists in the field. The Editors assisted by their evaluations, make final decision on publication of the manuscript.

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