The Association of Alumni and Friends of the Faculty of Law of the Catholic University of Lublin (Societas amicorum et Alumnorum Facultatis Juris Catholicae Universitatis Lublinensis) is the initiative sponsored by the deans of the faculty: the Rev. Prof. Józef Krukowski and the Rev. Prof. Antoni Dębiński. The association formally started in 2006. Among its objectives, there are: to integrate and promote the alumni of all majors of the Faculty of Law and its comprehensive support.

The Association of Alumni also pursues educational, scientific, information and public awareness goals in accordance with the Deo et Patriae principle.

The association co-organised the symposium: The Future of the European Union - the Future of Europe (2007) and conferences: The Introduction of the Euro in Poland - Legal Problems (2009) and Models of Legal Education. Experience and Prospects (2010).

The chairman of the Board of the Association is the Rev. Prof. Józef Krukowski.