Dear readers,

We present you the first issue of the online magazine Człowiek - Rodzina - Prawo (Man - Family – Law) published by the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (KUL), which is here represented by the employees of the Faculty of Family Law and Family Rights, together with the Department of Church Procedural Law, Canon Law and Administration.

The magazine is a practical answer to the current need and research directions of the Law Department, and the Canon Law and Administration of KUL, with regard to interdisciplinary scientific cooperation. Apart from that, the creators of the magazine predicted two potential levels for its functioning. The first is the intradepartmental level (designed for the needs of students and department employees), whereas the other is the inter-university level (designed for the needs of students and employees of analogous research units at Polish universities).

Let us present the essence of cooperation and creation in a few sentences. The magazine is intended to build a substantial basis for scientific research development within the scope of the presented fields and it is supposed to be a place of presentation of the scientific thought of scientific staff. It is meant to be a tool of cooperation by both departments with other research units at Polish universities (both in the scientific field and in the organisational field). Finally, it is intended to be a source of information for students who participate in educational classes run by the employees of both departments.

Do not be surprised by the fact that an elaboration on family law is prepared in English while the elaboration on canon law is in Italian.

We will systematically present our magazine to the scientific centres abroad so that the output of Polish legal thought can be known abroad.

We are convinced that everybody (in both departments) will cope with the task we have put before us. Waiting for the first reviews with hope, but also with anxiety, we trust in the positive reception of the magazine by both theorist workers and practitioners.


Dr Piotr Telusiewicz