Director: Fr. Dr. hab. Marek Chmielewski, CUL Prof.
Fr. Dr. Adam Rybicki, adjunct
Fr. Dr. hab. Stanisław Zarzycki, adjunct




It is the first and primary Chair of the CUL Institute of Spiritual Theology. It was formally opened by Fr. A. Slomkowski in the year 1957 as the Chair of Ascetic and Mystical Theology. Since the 1974 to the end of the 1997/98 academic year, its director was Fr. Prof. Dr. hab. Walerian Słomka. After his going on retirement, the director of the Chair became Fr. Prof. Dr. hab. Jerzy Misiurek.


Presently, since the 2000/2001 academic year, the Chair is directed by Fr. Dr. hab. Marek Chmielewski.

The following, among others, workeed in the Chair:
- 1977-1984 - Fr. Dr. Zbigniew Wit
- 1981-1987 - Fr. Dr. Stanisław Mojek
- since 1988 - Fr. Dr. hab. Marek Chmielewski
- since 1992 - Fr. Dr. Stanisław T. Zarzycki SAC
- since 2000 - Fr. Dr. Adam Rybicki


Fields of Research:


Workers concentrated about the Chair, as well as participants in magistrate and doctorate academic seminars undertake fundamental issues for the academic performance of Catholic spiritual theology. A reflection of this are the individual lectures. Among the carried out fields of research and didactics performed, the following issues ought to be pointed out: methodology of spiritual theology, anthropological bases of spirituality, spiritual development and its principle means, namely prayer, meditation and contemplation. Lots of attention is given to comparative spirituality as well.