Chair of Christian Personalism

    The Chair of Christian Personalism was inaugurated on 1 February 2005. Rev prof. Krzysztof Guzowski, the founder, has been its chairman since then. The establishment of the Chair within the Department of Dogmatic Theology was the consummation of the works by Polish personalists and, at the same time, founders of the Lublin school of personalism: Rev prof. Wincenty Granat, Prof. Karol Cardinal Wojtyła and Rev prof. Czesław S. Bartnik.
    Within the frameworks of the Chair, the regular research into philosophy and theology of a person, Christian humanism, epistemology, methodology, and personalistic hermeneutics is being conducted. Thus the output of great personalists, for instance E.Mounier and R.Guardini, is expanding.
    The thought over a person ought to be promoted and ‘kerigmatic'; ‘The Collection of the Chair of Christian Personalism' (‘Kolekcja Katedry Personalizmu Chrześcijańskiego') serves this purpose, as it offers the most interesting works on the personalist system. The next generation of theologist's interest in the branch proves it significance and need for further development.
    The chair employs Bp Wacław Depo, PhD along with Rev Grzegorz Barth, PhD. Barth specialises in the personalistic thought of W. Granat and methodology. In the short history of the chair, 4 PhD and 14 MA theses were defended.