Chair of Historic Theology

    The Chair of Historic Theology, being the unit of the Department of Dogmatic Theology, was set up in 1997 by University State as the effect of suggestions forced by Rev Czesław Stanisław Bartnik - professor of the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Professor Czesław Stanisław Bartnik - the eminent Polish theologian of history was the initiator and the first director of this unit. The Chair of Historic Theology emerged from the Chair of the History of Dogmas to do research leading to improve new approach to the subject of theology understanding. There were no special needs to analyse history of theology with respect to dogmas but to understand theology as a part of the general history.
    There were needs for practical aspects of theology inspired rather by historic, not speculative elements and for history being understood as the ‘locus theologicus'. That is why subjects of research in this chair concerns: the theology of history, theology of salvation history, theology of earthly realities, social and political theology, historical methodology in theology, personalitic historiology.
    The present director of the Chair of Historic Theology, Rev prof. Mirosław Kowalczyk, has been holding this manager position since 2008.

    At present, he supervises two main research projects realised in this chair:

1. Theology of history versus general history. The aim of this study is defined as revealing significance of theological assumptions and historical data provided by branches of history as well as looking for rules of general history and for correlation between this history and theological point of view.
2.The role of personalism in historical facts interpretation. The essential aim of this study can be described as putting into practice the presonalistic method as a way of theological interpretations of historical facts.
Both mentioned research projects are creative and are based on bibliography, as well as on systemic research concerning aspects of personalism.