Participants can take part in the following courses:


A Free 120 hours course carried out by the School of Polish Language and Culture KUL. Classes will be conducted with the use of modern teaching techniques and are adjusted to the knowledge of our participants. Current courses are ran at different levels: basic and intermediate. Each participant receive free teaching materials. Classes start after gathering a group of 16 people and arranging the class schedule with the project participants.

Program of the training (covering 15 hours) will concern memorizing techniques, time management skills, creativity, preparing job application (CV and cover letter), self-presentation, principles of savoir-vivre, indentifying professional potential, ways of determining future career. The action is organized by The Open University KUL. Participants receive free teaching materials.

Two editions will be organized, each of them covers carrying out of two trainings in winter semesters. Proposed courses (covering 30 hours): „Polish know how”; „Polish History in a Nutshell”; „Independence – why so precious ?”„Mosaic of nations and religions, that is Poland of many cultures”, „Lublin of many cultures”, „Polish road to democracy”, „Polish holidays and traditions”. In the framework of this action students will be also taken on trips to Muzeum Wsi Lubelskiej, Kazimierz Dolny and Roztocze. The action is realized by The Open University KUL.