1. Polish language courses

Courses of Polish as a foreign language are for children, teenagers and adults. Organised by the School of Polish Language and Culture KUL, the courses are conducted using modern teaching techniques. They will be run at three levels: elementary, intermediate and advanced depending on the level of Polish of participants.

  1. Integration and cultural training / adaptation courses 

Adaptation courses are a great way to master Polish language in the context of practical skills of Lublin city living and mapping. Integration training, on the other hand, aims at getting a foreigner acquainted with Polish values, culture, history and tradition. Proposed course topics: “Polish know how”, “Polish History in a Nutshell”, “Independence – why is it so precious?”, “Mosaic of nations and religions - Poland of many cultures”, „Lublin – the city of many cultures”, „Polish road to democracy”, “Polish holidays and traditions”. As a part of the training, trips to places historically and culturally important will be organised.

  1. Soft skills training

Within the project time frame, we plan to organise six editions of the training as well as individual career counselling for the project participants. The subject matter of the courses will concern memorising techniques, time management skills, creativity, preparing job application (CV and cover letter), self-presentation, principles of savoir-vivre, identifying professional potential and ways of determining future career.


Participation in the courses is free of any charges for foreigners who do not hold the citizenship of any of the EU member states and who belong to one of the following groups:

  • students of higher education institutions in Lublin and participants of preparatory courses for studies;
  • students and attenders of primary, junior high, secondary, post-secondary and artistic schools;
  • working people together with their family members;
  • job-seeking migrants together with their family members;
  • leaders of migrants communities.