The Department of Administrative Sciences was established in 2001; however, it was operating as early as in 1998 under the name of the Department of the Theory of Organisation and Management and subsequently as the Department of Public Administration. Since the initial stage of the Department's activity, its director, Professor Stanisław Wrzosek, PhD, has been attracting much attention to the development of the research, teaching and organisation. He takes an active part in the postgraduate programmes and chairs the postgraduate studies in administrative law. The Department conducts broad-spectrum reviews focused upon the innovative areas of the science of administrative.


Fields of research:

  • evolution and reform of the structures of public administration
  • allocation of competence and employment in public administration
  • conflict of public and private interests
  • the governing system of the local self
  • public administration and regional development in the EU
  • cross-border cooperation and public administration in the EU and the Western Balkans
  • administrative aspects of rural development areas
  • influence of the state on economic processes
  • methods of administrative influence on the economy under public law.
  • European Administrative Space.

International cooperation: