Department of Church History in Modern Times and the History of Theology


The Chair of Church History in Modern Ages was established in 1972. Rev. Prof. Bolesław Kumor, PhD, was its first and long-time head. Rev. Prof. Anzlem Weiss, PhD, has been his successor since 1998. In 2003, Rev. Jarosław R. Marczewski, PhD, was appointed an assistant professor in that department. From its founding, the leading research subject of the chair has dealt with the history of the Church viewed principally structurally, both worldwide and in Poland . The practical results of the research are numerous publications which portray the Church's institutions, particularly Polish dioceses in the 'before-partition' age. Recently, social-ecclesiastical history; i.e., the Church's pastoral activity, spiritual culture and religious prosopography in early modern Poland , has been emphasized.