The Department of Commercial Administrative Law was established in 2005 through the transformation of the Department of the Political  Foundations of Administration. The Department offers lectures and classes on general administrative procedure and public trade law as well as dedicated and elective lectures and tutorials on: the law on public trading in securites, public assistance to enterpreneurs, structural funds, legal aspects of economic transformation, the submission of EU projects.


Fields of research:

  • public administration and regional development in the EU
  • cross-border cooperation and public administration in the EU and the Western Balkans
  • administrative aspects of rural development areas and bioeconomy
  • influence of the state on economic processes
  • methods of administrative influence on the economy under public law
  • administrative procedure in commercial cases
  • European economic law
  • administrative and legal aspect of the EU Common Agricultural Policy
  • EU funds in public administration
  • influence of globalisation on economic processes

International cooperation: