Main research Cathedral include among others the following issues:


1. Movements and social organizations in the communist state after World War II on  the exemple of PRL

2. Society and authority in the country undemocratic on the exemple of communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe after 1945 and after 1989

3. Youth policy educational authorities Polish People's Republic

4. Cultural heritage and the security of Central and Eastern Europe

5. The totalitarian state against the youth circles (model youth movement, education policy) on the example of PRL.

6. Policy religious socialist State on the example of PRL

7. Social movements in Poland in the eighties and nineties of the XX century

8. Issues related to World War II and its long persistence in the collective memory.

9. Historical politics and the politics of memory in post-war Europe

10. Social aspects of security policy in the XX and XXI century


The aim of the research in the Cathedral is the reconstruction of the relationship between institutional governance undemocratic state, it means the totalitarian ambitions of a social reality (the impact of the regime on the behavior of society and the public on the effectiveness of the system). It is particularly important to track the formation and functioning of social movements (for example the opposition youth groups), in fact PRL and other communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Another field of research involves issues of efficiency analysisfor systemic institutions in shaping the mentality of the society and the elimination of political and ideological opponents. Attention is also focused on the release of the institutionof the socialist state responsible for the reproduction of the political system, especially for propaganda and indoctrination.  Another scope of the research is the presentation of the major social movements functioning in Poland in the seventies and eighties of the XX century, their aspirations, compared to the PRL reality or the role they played during the socio-political changes in 1989. An interesting issue is to show the fate of the collapse of the communist system and the impact they have had on contemporary attitudes of Poles