Research concerns issues of the global economy and politics, macroeconomics, international trade and financial markets. Most important theoretical research includes the paradigms of the global economy, theories of international political economy and macroeconomic theories. The department cooperates with universities and scientific institutions over the world.


Chair’s speech in Sao Paulo, Brazil on July 26, 2019



Chair: Dariusz Eligiusz Staszczak, Associate Professor

Fields of interest: paradigms of the global economy, theories of the international political economy, macroeconomic theories, international trade, states and transnational corporations.

Current research: global business cycles, macroeconomic theories in practice, prices of strategic raw materials.

International cooperation:

  • Center of Studies on New Developmentalism, Brazil,
  • Instituto Federal do Parana (Parana Federal Institute), Brazil,
  • University of Pireaus, Greece,
  • University of Notre Dame (Nanovic Institute for European Affairs), USA,
  • Knowledge Globalization Institute, USA.

E-mail: dariusz.staszczak [at]


Judyta Przyłuska-Schmitt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: alternative currencies, contemporary problems of financial system, life insurances in Poland and Germany.

Current research: Crypto currencies.

E-mail: judyta.przyluska [at]


Krzysztof Bednarz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Fields of interest: capital markets, investors activity.

Current research: capital markets.

E-mail: krzysztof.bednarz [at]