Chair of Pedagogy of Family By the name of Rev. Professor Piotr Poręba


1.   Staff

  • dr. hab. Dorota Kornas Biela - chairperson

  • dr Barbara Kiereś - research assistant

  • dr Danuta Opozda - research assistant

2.   The beginnings

  • Chair of Pedagogy of Family was created in the academic year 1996/97.

Chair of Pedagogy of Family is located in the building of Collegium of John Paul II , in room C - 328, third floor.

  • The founder and first chairman of the chair till September 2003 was Rev. prof. Józef Wilk (1937-2003).

Scientific research of Rev. Prof. Józef Wilk was directed towards pedagogical problems of family. They were concentrated mainly on religious education: Znaczenie pierwszych doświadczeń dla religijnego wychowania małego dziecka w rodzinie (Significance of the child's first experiences for his religious education in family), Lublin 1987), patriotic education and education towards love, freedom, respect for nature. Rev. Prof. J. Wilk formulated scientific and didactic principles and instructions significant for later work of the Chair and described the direction of content reflection on education and formation in family. As the main subject of research he proposed educational and formative function of family and their conditions.

  • After Prof. J. Wilk's death the function of the Chair curator was acted by Rev. Prof. dr hab. Marian Nowak, now this function is fulfilled by Prof. dr hab. Alina Rynio

3.   Profiles

  •   Current scientific research of the Chair of Pedagogy of Family staff:


Our work is done in the context of a heated discussion of recent years on the sub-disciplinary character of pedagogy of family and  in the context of pedagogical humanistic discourse on education and formation of a child in a family

Cognitive investigations of the staff concentrates on: philosophical basis of marriage, family and education; personalistic basis of education an formation in family, catholic model of marriage and family; contemporary trends of education and formation (personalism, postmodernism, anti-pedagogy); methodological problems of pedagogy of family as a sub-discipline of pedagogy; sources and regulative functions of cognitive representations of marriage and family; psychopedagogical correlates of education and formation in family and aspects of integration and disintegration of family; media and its function in adolescents life; educational projects in the area of developmental chances and dangers; problems of orphanhood and foster care (organisation and functioning of foster families and family-like orphanages); voluntary work as a means of adolescents' education and formation; volunteers' role in fulfilling families' needs.


  • The Chair of Pedagogy of Family supervises study specialisation Pedagogy of Family
  • Didactics


Our staff gives lectures, seminars and classes for specialisation Pedagogy of Family and other students of Pedagogy, both for intramural and extramural courses, also for students of Institute of Family Studies KUL, Post-graduate Inter-Faculty Family Studies, Post-graduate Studies of Pedagogy Preparation


  • Achievements

  • Chair of Pedagogy of Family has organised the following conferences:

  • Symposium on the occasion of a hundred anniversary of the Salesians work in Poland:  Współczesny wychowawca w stylu Księdza Bosko (Contemporary teacher in the style of Reverend Bosco) 16-17.IV.2000.

  • International Pedagogical Symposium: Dziecko w XX wieku Rozrachunek ze „Stulecia dziecka" (A child in the 20th century. Settlement of accounts with "a century of child") 25-27.X.2000.

  • Scientific Session dedicated to Rev. Piotr Poręba - founder of the Chair of Pedagogy of Family - Theology Faculty KUL,  8.XII.2001.

  • All-Poland Scientific Session: Ksiądz Józef Wilk i jego myśl pedagogiczna na tle współczesnych problemów pedagogiki rodziny (Rev. Józef Wilk and his pedagogical thought on the background of contemporary problems of pedagogy of family). 26.X.2004.

  • All-Poland Scientific Conference: „Szkoła Rodziców" - aktualny stan i perspektywy ("School for Parents" state of the art. and future perspectives) -  Lublin, 23-24 X 2006.

  • Publications

  • Staff members of the Chair of Pedagogy of Family are authors, co-authors and editors of many articles and books on pedagogy of family. The most important of them are:

  • Wilk J., (ed.), Pedagogika rodziny. Zagadnienia wybrane (Pedagogy of family. Selected issues). Lublin 2002, ss.239.

  • Wilk J., (ed.), W służbie dziecku (Serving the child), Lublin 2003.

                        t. I, Stulecie dziecka - blaski i cienie (A century of child - ups and downs), ss.374 .

                        t. II, Rodzina XX wieku wobec dobra dziecka (Family of the 20th century and a child's good), ss. 597.

                        t. III, Społeczna troska o dziecko w XX wieku (Social care for a child in the 20th century), ss. 816.

  • Opozda D., Integracja rodziny a wiedza o małżeństwie u młodzieży (Family integration and knowledge about marriage among adolescents), Lublin 2001, ss. 206.

  • Opozda D., (ed.) Rodzicielstwo. Wybrane zagadnienia kontekstów edukacyjnych (Parenthood. Selected issues of educational contexts), Lublin                2007, ss. 367.

  • Kiereś B., Nowak M., Opozda D. (ed.) Wybrane zagadnienia teorii i praktyki pedagogiki       rodziny. Pamięci Księdza Profesora  Józefa  Wilka SDB (1937-2003)(Selected issues of theory and practice of pedagogy of family. In memoriam of Rev. Professor Józef  Wilk SDB (1937-2003)) , Lublin 2006, ss. 248.

  • Kiereś B., Prawda o małżeństwie (The truth about marriage), Lublin 2005, ss. 93.

  • Kiereś B., Chodzi o miłość (It is about love), Lublin 2006, ss. 70.

  • Kiereś B., Tylko rodzina! (Only family!) Lublin 2006, ss. 64.

  • Kiereś B., Jak wychowywać? (How to bring up?), Lublin 2006, ss. 90.

  • Łuczyński A., Dzieci w rodzinach zastępczych i dysfunkcjonalnych (Children in foster families and dysfunctional families), Lublin 2008, ss. 246.

  • Plans


Future scientific plans of our Chair are connected with the realisation of individual scientific and research projects of the staff members, with editing work and publishing books and articles on parents' education, media, styles of children's life, deprivation of children's needs from foster and dysfunctional families, critical analysis of anthropological theses of anti-pedagogy






John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

Chair of Pedagogy of Family

20-950 Lublin, Al. Racławickie 14


tel. +48 81 445 33 28




                                               (Translated by Ewa Domagała - Zyśk)