Department of the Recent Church History and of Methodology
and Auxiliary Disciplines in Church History

The Faculty was set up in 1966, its first Chairman being the Rev. Prof. Stanisław Librowski, PhD. It was originally named Faculty of Basic Sciences and Methodology of the History of the Church. After the Rev. S. Librowski left in 1984, the name was changed to the one used at present. In 1986 to 1998, the Faculty was managed by the Rev. Anzelm Weiss, PhD, who was appointed Curator of the then-existing Faculty once he took chairmanship of the Faculty of the History of the Church in the Modern Age. The Faculty carries out research in Auxiliary Sciences of the History of the Church, which in the r ecent years oscillated around issues of ecclesiastical heraldry, history of libraries and editorship of sources for the history of the Church in Poland.