Chair of the Sociology of Macrostructure and Social Movements

Scope of research

The staff of the Chair are basically interested in the questions concerning:

  • social macrostructure (nation, state, social classes and strata);
  • history of social thought;
  • sociology of power (local power versus the mass media);
  • sociology of values;
  • analysis pf the transformation process of Polish society;
  • activity and promotion of regional and local communities (town, village, the role of local government);
  • attitudes towards Poland's integration with the EU;
  • aspects of global society;
  • goals, values, and methods of social movements;
  • sociological and axiological elements of sport and tourism;
  • sociological aspects of art (alternative artistic movements);
  • unemployment, poverty, social exclusion, etc.

The Chair organizes the following classes.

  • litentiate, master's and doctoral seminars on the sociology of macrostructure and social movements (Rev. Prof. Jan Szymczyk has supervised 40 master's thesis within four years);
  • macrostructureand social process in various theoretical perspectives (lecture and classes);
  • sociology of  power and contemporary social movements (lecture and classes);
  • processes of transformation of the global society (lecture and classes/seminar);
  • contemporary sociological theories of macrostructure (seminar for PhD students;
  • sociology of village and town (lecture and classes);
  • social difference (lecture and classes/seminar);
  • regional and local politics (lecture)
  • sociology of sport and tourism (classes);
  • selected issues on sociology of town  (lecture).

In November 2008 the Chair will collaborate in the organisation of a conference: "Knowledge-Power" and will take part in a symposium on the occasion of the 90th anniversary os sociology at KUL.

History of the Chair

The Chair of the Sociology of Macrostructure and Social Movements was established in June 2008 as a result of the combination of two chairs: Social Macrostructure and Sociology of Social Movements. The Chair of Social Macrostructure was set up in the mid-1990's. Its founder and the first head was Prof. Jan Turowski, succeded by Prof. Stanisław Cieśla (until February 2008.) The Chair of the Sociology of Social Movements was established by the Academic Senate of KUL in April 2007. Rev. Prof. Jan Szymczyk, who was nominated its head.

Rev. Prof. Jan Szymczyk obtained his doctoral degreeat the Department of Sociology (KUL) and became a part of the body staff of the Chair of Social Philosophy in 1996 run by Rev Prof. Stanislaw Kowalczyk. Rev. Prof. Szymczyk is a member of the Lerned Society of KUL, a laureate of the following awards: The Reinhold Schneider Foundation (Hamburg); The Maria Księżopolska-Strzeszewska Foundation; KUL Rector Award (twice.) He took part in numerous conferences and symposiums in Poland and abroad. On 8th March 2007 he obtained his habilitation degree in Sociology (sociology of values.) In 2007 he was made head of the Chair of the Sociology of Social Movements, and since June 2008 he has been head of the Chair of the Sociology of Macrostructure and Social Movements. The field of his interests comprises sociology of values, social and cultural axiology, sociology of power and social movements, sociology of art, the theatre and the mass media, history of social thought sociology of sport and tourism. he is the author of the following books:

"Looking at this World" 1991, (Polish);

"Discovering Values. On the sociological and Axiological Problems" (Polish);

"In the World of Human Creations. Stanisław Ossowski's Conception of Social Reality" 2005, (Polish);

and over 50 academic papers.

In January 2008 the Minister of Science and High Education appointed him to be a member of a group of social and legal studies at the State Accreditation Commision.



Rev. Jan Szymczyk, Professor of KUL, Head of the Chair

Office hours: Tue. 3.45 pm. - 4.30 pm.

Room: C-349


Janina Zabielska, MA, PhD

Office hours: Thur. 11.00 am. - 12.30 pm.

Room: C-349


Krzysztof Piróg, MA, PhD, contract order

Office hours: Sat. 2.00 pm. - 4.45 pm.

Room: C-349


Doctoral students conducting classes in the academic year 2008/09

Jan Gałkowski, MA

Office hours: Thur. 3.45 pm. - 4.45 pm.

Room: C-349


Justyna Jurkowska, MA

Office hours: Wed. 3.30 pm. - 4.00 pm. (2nd semester)



Joanna Kubińska, MA

Office hours: Tue. 5.30 pm. - 6.00 pm.

Room: 349


Anna Trojszczak, MA

Office hours: Wed. 3.30 pm. - 4.00 pm. (1st semester)


Rev. Tomasza Adamczyk, MA, PhD, contract order



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