Scientific interest and research

My scientific interests are focused on:

  • biotechnological potential of microorganisms, especially methanotrophs,
  • genome analysis of free living and endophytic methanotrophs,
  • detection of extracellular structure from methanotrophs,
  • recognition of microbial biodiversity in environmental extremely.


Skills and methods

Practical training in:

  • sequencing andanalysisof DNA methylation, Molecular Biology Services, Warsaw
  • editing, filing and determination ofthe consensusDNA sequence.The criteria forchangingthe methodof sequencingaccording tothe results obtained, Molecular Biology Services, Warsaw,
  • molecular techniques in Maria Curie-Sklodowska University,
  • microbiology techniques in the Sanofi company in Rzeszow.


  • preparation and determination of bacteria growing,
  • preparation and analysis polymerase chain reaction, molecular cloning, electrophoresis DNA, RNA
  • determination of gas phases by gas chromatograph, gas chromatograph with mass spectrometry,
  • determination of easily degradable and available for microorganisms total carbon,
  • preparation and analysis samples by fluorescence microscopy (FISH technique).