Scientific interest and research

My scientific interests are concentrated on:

  • recognition of microbial biodiversity in agricultural and non-cultivated soils with use of innovative molecular and metagenomics techniques (DGGE – denaturizing gradient gel electrophoresis and NGS -new generation sequencing),
  • construction of microbial fuel cells (MFCs) on the base of soils with addition of energetic waste materials, i.e.: glucose, straw, acetate, bananas, and determination of soil indicators (enzymes, respiration, biomass, DNA content) in soils contaminated with petroleum substances and/or heavy metals


Skills and methods

  • determination of enzymatic activities (dehydrogenases, catalases, phosphatases) by spectrophotometric methods (UV-VIS),
  • determination of potential nitrification and ammonification rate in soil samples,
  • molecular techniques used in soil sciences (DNA isolation, DNA concentration and purity, PCR, FISH),
  • determination of selected elements – micro- and macro-elements, heavy metals in environmental samples by Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (AAS) method,
  • estimation of microorganisms abundance on solid and liquid media,
  • preparation of physical and chemical characteristics of environmental samples (acidity -pH, redox potential -Eh, microdiffusion of oxygen -ODR, electric conductivity -EC, bulk density-BD, granulometric composition, moisture, water holding capacity – WHC, total carbon content TC, easily degradable and available for microorganisms carbon content)