Scientific interest and research

My research is focused on biology of the methanotrophic bacteria isolated from deep subterrain geological formations. My specific interests are in exploring microbial diversity, understanding how microbes survive in such severe environment and how their adaptative capabilities can be used for industrial processes. The main goal of my research tasks is to stimulate methanotrophic bacteria to produce compatible solutes and biopolymers.

Keywords: environmental microbiology, biotechnology


Skills and methods

My research require application of a vast array of methods including physical and chemical analysis of the environmental samples, microbiological methods and molecular biology tools including;

  • moisture content, bulk density and porosity of the environmental samples, CEC, pH, redox potential, ion contents),
  • spectrophotometry UV/VIS
  • infrared carbon analysis (TC, IC, TOC),
  • gas chromatography (also with mass spectrometry)
  • DNA isolation and purification from various environmental samples (soil, geological material),
  • PCR and electrophoretic techniques for nucleic acids,
  • molecular cloning,
  • bioinformatics,
  • fluorescence in situ hybridization,
  • determination of PHA cell content.
  • various microscopic methods (e.g. bacterial staining)