Scientific interest and research

The subject of my interest are microorganisms involved in carbon transformation in organic matter, especially peat soils and waste materials. The two opposite groups of those microorganism are methanotrophs, responsible for methane oxidation and methanogens able to transform different organic substrates to methane. I investigate their activity, environmental requirements, susceptibility to culture and possibility of biotechnological application.

I am also interested in influence of oxidative condition on survival of the methanogens in organic soils, parameters of their reactivation and identification.


Skills and methods

My skills are determination of:

- greenhouse gases emission (N2O, CH4, CO2) from soil and water bodies,

- methanogenic and methanotrophic potential of organic (specially peat soils and sediments) soils,

- physico-chemical parameters and their influence on methanogenic and methanotrophic potential in soil samples,

- biogas generation possibility from different kind of waste,

- biomass and soil respiration activity,

- ammonification and nitrification potential of soil microorganisms,

- identification of soil microorganisms.


In my research I use:

- potentiometric and conductometric methods (pH, Eh, DO, ODR, EC measurements)

- gas chromatography technique (GC Varian, Schimadzu),

- methods for aerobic and anaerobic incubation of samples,

- methods for cultivation of methanogens and methanotrophs,

- spectrophotometric methods (optical density, enzyme determination),

- microscopic technique (autofluorescence observation, FISH)

- molecular methods used in investigation of soil microorganisms (DNA isolation procedures, PCR, FISH),

- methods for determination carbon forms in solid and liquid samples (Autoanalyser TOC-VCSH , Shimadzu),

- methods for soils characteristic: granulometric composition of mineral soils, buffer capacity, cation exchange capacity