Scientific interest and research

My research topics are part of environmental biotechnology, I study interactions between soil, water and inhabiting them organisms (biogeochemical processes). I mainly focus on the potential of microorganisms and plants for bioenergy production (biomass, biofuels, bioelectricity) as well as soil and water remediation (heavy metals, organic pollutants).

The topics of my research are as follows:

  • recognition the endosymbionts of Azolla sp. and finding their biotechnological potential (remediation, biofuels),
  • the potential of green algae (Chlorella sp.) for hydrogen and biodiesel production,
  • recognition of metal tolerant microorganisms in heavy metal contaminated soils (remediation, biogeochemistry),
  • application of soil microorganisms and plants for construction of Microbial Fuel Cells (bioelectricity, biogeochemistry).

Skills and methods

In my work I use both physicochemical and modern molecular methods and techniques. I am skilled in field sample collection (soil, water, gas and plant material) and their processing (extraction and mineralization). I can estimate physicochemical parameters of soil material (moisture- and ash content, bulk density and porosity, CEC, pH, redox potential, ion contents). I am familiarized with quantitative and qualitative classic and instrumental techniques used for water, soil and air analyses (both in situ and ex situ):

  • potentiometry with titration (redox potential, pH, EC, DO, ODR, ion analysis, BOD, COD),
  • spectrophotometry UV/VIS, including colorimetry (ion analysis, enzymatic activity, DNA, proteins and pigments),
  • infrared carbon analysis (TC, IC, TOC),
  • atomic absorption spectrometry (ion analysis),
  • gas chromatography (CO2, CH4, C2H2, O2, H2, N2, N2O, estimation respiration and photosynthestic microbial activity under oxic and anoxic conditions, number of microbial biomass).

I also posses skill from molecular biology including:

  • DNA isolation procedures and purification from soil and water as well as cultured material,
  • Gel electrophoresis and PCR techniques,
  • Free radicals induced stress indicators (activity of SOD, GR, APX and lipid peroxidation) and microbial activity (DHA).

I am capable for experiment designing and conduction followed by data analysis including: sample size selecting, choosing the proper statistical tests for certain experiment ensuring results reliability (the assumptions of tests), using multifactor and mixed designs (GLM models) in available software (Statistica, SPSS). I have experience in data presenting (reports, conference presentations) using modern tools (MS Office, Corel Draw, GIMP).