Scientific interests and research:

  • Overexpression and purification of native or recombinant proteins expressed in coli or S. cerevisiae.
  • Detection of enzymatic activities and their characterization.
  • Estimation of the modulating effect of several substances, mainly in regard to helicases, NTPases, polymerases, proteases and kinases using radiometric and non-radiometric assays.
  • Research on the mechanism of action in case of inhibitors (interaction inhibitor/enzyme, enzyme/substrate, inhibitor/substrate).
  • Anti-microbial activity tests
  • Inhibition of viral replication.


Skills and methods:

  • Electrophoresis techniques: proteins (SDS/PAGE, IEF) and nucleic acids (agarose, acrylamide).
  • Chromatography techniques: affinity, size-exclusion, ion-exchange, hydrophobic interaction.
  • Enzymatic assays to estimate activities like helicase, NTPase, protease, polymerase and kinase.
  • Microbial cell cultures.
  • Anti-oxidation tests (DPPH, ABTS).
  • Cloning site-directed mutagenesis



  • CK2 inhibitors as potential therapeutics for Alzheimer’s Disease (Principle Investigator)

The project is realized in cooperation with dr Marianna Török from the University of Massachusetts in Boston (USA) (funded by TP KUL, 2017-2020).


  • Metaboliczna i proteomiczna analiza wysokobiałkowych komórek glonów Chlorella sorokiniana i Scenedesmus obliquus wzrastających w warunkach suplementacji melasą (Co-Investigator)

The project is realized in cooperation with dr Agaty Piaseckiej from the Institute of Agrophysics Bohdan Dobrzański Polish Academy of Sciences (funded by NCN, 2018-2020.


  • Mezoporowate nanomateriały krzemoorganiczne jako nośniki (Co-Investigator)


  • Mutacje w sekwencji rozpoznawania substratu CK2 i ich wpływ na aktywność enzymu (Principle Investigator)