Prof. Edward Fiała   Publications


  • The Freudian Metod Models in Interpretation of Literary Works, Lublin 1991 Summary.pdf Summary.pdf
  • Homo Transcendens in Gombrowicz’s World, Lublin 2004

  • Abraham in Polish Biblical Prose, Lublin 2012


  • Formality and Privacy. On the Concept of Man in Gombrowicz’s Novels, “Roczniki Humanistyczne” 1974, nr 1

  • Egolatry in Andrzej Niemojewski’s ”Legends” in: Religions Problems in Literature of Positivism and Young Poland, ed. by S. Fita, Lublin 1993

  • On a Contemporary Devil. About One Poem by Szymborska, ”Roczniki Humanistyczne” 1998, nr 1.

  • The Book of Polish Fears or ”Trans-Atlantyk” by Gombrowicz, ”Ruch Literacki” 1999, nr 5

  • About a Father and Master in Herbert’s Poetry in: Christian Education and Culture, ed. by M. Nowak, T. Ożóg, Lublin 2000

  • From the Libido to the Idol. About ”The Revision of Psychoanalysis” by Erich Fromm”, „Teksty Drugie” 2000, nr 6

  • Homo Transcendens in ”Cosmos” by Gombrowicz, “Przegląd Humanistyczny” 2001, nr 3

  • On Origin and Prospects of Psychoanalytical Interpretation of Literature, Gombrowicz in the light of Freud and Fromm, ”Pamiętnik Literacki 2001, nr 4

  • Transgressions of Moral Imperatives in ”Pornografia” by Gombrowicz, ”Teksty Drugie” 2002, nr 3

  • Translation in view of the Secrets of the Original in: Warsztaty translatorskie. Workshop on Translation, Lublin – Ottawa 2002

  • Threshhold, End and Promise. Three Ranges of Existential Thought in The Roman Tryptich by John Paul II, Lublin 2003

  • Gombrowicz and the World of Idols, ”Zeszyty Szkolne” 2004 nr 4

  • Stefan Baley as a psychoanalyst of literature, ”Przegląd Humanistyczny” 2005, nr 2

  • Three Discourses in the Psychoanalysis of Literary Works, „Ruch Literacki” 2008, z. 2

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