Chair of Media Social Communication

Research areas

Social aspects of media and journalism

Media practice, especially radio and television

Interactivity, transmediality and convergence of media communication

Mediatization of various phenomena and areas of social reality


The Head of the Chair

Assistant Professor Dariusz Wadowski


Chair Staff

Assistant Professor Dariusz Wadowski (

Assistant Professor Joanna Sosnowska (

Assistant Professor Aneta Wójciszyn-Wasil (

Senior Lecturer Małgorzata Żurakowska (



Chair of Media Social Communication

The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin

The John Paul II Collegium, rooms: CP-32, CP-33 (second floor)

Al. Racławickie 14

20-950 Lublin, Poland





Dariusz Wadowski, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

The Head of the Chair of Media Social Communication


Fields of interest: contemporary myths, mediatization, socio-cultural identity, evaluation

Current research: mediatization of collective memory, mediatization of religion, trust and the culture of new media

International cooperation: Czech Christian Academy, Charles University in Prague (Project: „The Future of Religious Faith from Central Eastern Europe Perspective. Third Colloquium in Prague”)




Joanna Sosnowska, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

mentor of the television specialization, television journalist, author of scientific, social and cultural educational programmes in TVP Polonia, TVP Historia, TVP 2, TVP1, TVP3 Lublin


Fields of interests: journalism genres, documentary, series, television, popularization of science.

Current research: television as place of the development of film documentary forms; personalized viewer and series; film and art;

International cooperation: “Increasing the Competence of Youht in the Field of Journalism as a Platform for the Development of Cooperation between Ukraine and the Republic of Poland”




Aneta Wójciszyn-Wasil Ph.D., Assistant Professor

former radio journalist; author of educational, scientific and cultural radio broadcasts


Fields of interests: radio, radio journalism, radio genres, audio media, sound and literature

Current research: media experiment in journalism education; silence and sound in media; audio representation of emotion in media

International cooperation: Interdisciplinary research project: Media Representations of Emotions and their Implications




Małgorzata Żurakowska, Ph. D., Senior Lecturer

Head of University Media Centre KUL, mentor of the radio specialization, radio journalist, from 2003 head of Cultural Department of Polish Radio Lublin; author of educational, cultural, religious radio broadcasts, audio plays and features


Fields of interests: archives of public radio broadcasters, evangelization in mass media; media in the public culture




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