Dear Students!


1/ During our first classes we will talk in general about the aim and the idea of the European Union company law. Please be prepared to discussion on such topics: the purpose of EU rules in this area; methods of regulations; the direct effect of European law (varieties of direct effect, especially concerning directives).


2/ During next meeting (19.10) we will discuss on the principle of the precedence of community law and the horizontal and vertical direct effect of European Union Law. Please prepare two cases:

Please scan the text to: recognize general grounds of the cases and then decision of the court concerning rules of application of the European Union Law.


3/ Issues for the meeting on 26th October: freedom of establishment - grounds, objectives, scope; case Knoors v Secretary of State for Economic Affairs, C 115/78


4/ For the meeting on 9th November please prepare the case "Daily Mail" concerning transfer of the registered company office, available here:


5/ I would like to ask you to read two more cases concerning mobility of companies in EU: case "Centros":

and case "Uberseering":


6/ Freedom to provide services will be the subject of the next meeting. Please prepare:



7/ For the next classes please prepare (especially find the grounds, and relevant remarks on exercising the free movement of the capital) the case Commision v. Kingdom of the Netherlands:


8/ Next classes will take place on Tuesday, 10th January, 15:10-15:50, classroom CI-302.




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