• Until when is the class cancellation valid?
On the basis of the ordinance of the KUL Rector, suspension of classes is valid until further notice, while in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education not less than until March 25 this year.
We will inform about decisions on the KUL website, e-KUL platform, emails sent to KUL addresses and on social media


    • Are dean's offices working during the suspension of classes?
Yes, but we try to keep contacts and reception from customers to a minimum. We recommend contacting by email or phone.


    • Are libraries and the main library open during the period of suspension of classes?
No. All reading rooms of the KUL University Library from 11/03/2020 remain closed until further notice. The library in the Main Library (Chopin 27) and in the CJPII (Racławickie 14) will be open until 12/03/2020 until 15, so as to give readers the option to collect ordered items. Book ordering has been disabled.
The employees of the KUL University Library are at your disposal by phone and e-mail.
Rental service: 81 445 31 25
Scientific Information: 81 445 31 19
Secretariat: 81 445 31 49
e-mail: sekbibl@kul.pl, infnauk@kul.pl


    • Is the KUL sports hall open during quarantine?
No. All KUL sports facilities are closed until further notice.


    • Can foreign students come back to their homes for the suspension of their classes?
Pursuant to the Regulation of the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin, paragraph 1, section 5 "Employees and students, including those coming from abroad, are recommended to remain in their current place of residence" - i.e. if the student or employee is in Lublin, we recommend (read: please) to stay in Lublin. Departure is not prohibited, but in the case of departure and then return to Lublin, one should comply with sanitary and epidemiological requirements and the ordinance of the Rector of the Catholic University of Lublin (in practice, this means that a person returning to Lublin for 14 days cannot stay in the buildings of the Catholic University of Lublin).

Update: From March 14, 2020, until further notice, in the territory of the Republic of Poland an epidemic threat was announced in connection with SARS-CoV-2 virus infections. According to its content, international air and rail transport was suspended, and people returning to Poland from abroad, including our students, will be obliged to quarantine after entering Poland for 14 days. The financial penalty for breaking the quarantine obligation is up to PLN 5,000. Residents of dormitories should contact the dormitory administration before returning (Piotr Szelest +48 505 176 939).


    • What e-learning tool is used and where can it be found?
The ICT department is in the process of developing an optimal tool. Until then, we encourage you to use the Moodle platform, electronic mail, and, if necessary, voice contact with public platforms and tools, e.g. mail, Skype, Messenger, etc.

Update: Information on remote teaching tools prepared by the ICT department and information on the course is already available on eKUL: Designing and conducting classes in the form of online courses prepared by UCRK. We encourage you to read this information.


    • What about trips under programs such as MOST, Erasmus etc.?
In connection with the Rector's Order, persons who were to make such a trip are obliged to cancel or postpone him.