The Departament of European Union Law is one of the youngest divisions of the Faculty of Law, Canon Law and Administration. It was formed by theUniversity Senat on May, 30 1998. The first staff members included Edyta Krzysztofik, MA (née Szymańska) and Tomasz Sieniow, MA, supervised by Prof. Ryszard Skubisz.

In the years 1998-2003, the departament's research was primarily focused upon the protection of industrial proprty and the Community competition law. Simultaneously, the depertment researchers collaborated with the Division of the European Community Law, Marie-Curie Skłodowska University, and successfully attempteed to translate the milestones of the European Court of Justice into Polish. The work, The Caselaw of the European Court of Justice, published by C.H. Beck, was the crowning of the activity of Prof. R. Skubisz in the Departament of European Union Law of the Catholic University of Lublin.

Some noteworthy changes were instituted In the department In the second term of the academic year 2002/03. Prof. Pasquale Policastro was appointed head of the department. The new department authorities defined new research areas and topics, including multilevel constitutionalism, the constitutional right to peace, the status of men and women in the Community, legal education in the EU member states.

Another defining moment in the department history was the appointment of Dr Artur Kuś to the position of the head in 2007. The nomination coincided with the new responsibility of establishing a new major in the European studies at the bachelor's level and prospectively at the master's level. In 2007 a PhD seminar was opened on the European Union law and international trade and immediately enjoyed substantial interest and attracted first postgraduate students.

The most outstanding achievement of the department is the development of young and capable teaching and research staff. In 2004 Tomasz Sieniow gained a degree of Doctor of Law, his dissertation being, Patient Exhaustion. A Comparative Study (supervisor: Prof. R. Skubisz). In 2007 Edyta Krzysztofik followed into his footsteps and, supervised by Prof. P. Policastro, defended a thesis, The Rejection of War and Peace Endorsement in the Contemporary Constitutionalism. In all probability, some more doctoral degrees will be conferred soon.

Encapsulating the activity of the Department of European Union Law one should not overlook a wide spectrum of initiatives undertaken in the recent years. With a view to promote the European integration and widen the awareness of the European legal matters, the department organized a number of conferences, trainings and scientific events. Some staff members took an active part in the implementation of certain EU projects and contributed of the building University Strategy.

In 2008 the department is celebrating its tenth anniversary. We hope that in the years to come and owing to the EU membership our activity will bear constructive fruit.