Chair of Local Government and Local Policy

In 1997 the Chair of Local Government and Local Policy came into existence as a part of the Department of Sociology. The head of the Chair became Prof. Stanisław Wójcik.
The following senior lecturers are employed at the Chair: Dr Ewa Albińska (since 2004), Dr Magdalena Waniewska-Bobin (since 2007) and Dr Michał Skrzypek (since 2005).
The Chair runs classes and lectures on the following subject areas:

  • Local Government in the Polish and European Political and Social thought.
  • Local Government in Theory and practice of European Countries.
  • Social Ecology.
  • Health Care.

Lecturers of the Chair of Local Government have published 16 books and about 200 scientific papers. The Chair organizes conferences. 140 MA thesis and 10 BA thesis have been written and defended at the Chair. Till the and of June 2008 6 PhD thesis had been prepared within the confines of post graduate studies.
There are very important social, political, legal, economic and moral problems in contemporary Poland which should be constantly monitored by political science and sociological observations. Knowing which values and systems are accepted and which rejected by society allows us to determine the condition and development prognosis of Polish society and Poland itself.
Research of the Chair's staff focus on the problems of nation, state and local government. Studies on the local government conducted at the Department concern both historical and contemporary issues. Other important aspects of the research concern local government in relation to the Catholic Church and local government role and activities in environment protection.

The purpose of the research:
Presentation of the areas of sustainable development, socio-economical and ecological problems in local development;
Presentation of the ecological education, and the aspects of ecological awareness.

Main goals
1/ Analysis of the conceptions of sustainable development, ecological politics, environmental economics and environmental law;
2/ Analysis of relations between man (society) and nature;
3/ Presentation of the role and activity of social groups in protection of environment;
4/ Analysis of some environmental problems, with the ecological and social results;
5/ Analysis development of attitudes of co-responsibility for the protection of nature.