Dear Incoming Students,


In view of the current epidemiological situation, we would like to inform you about the upcoming winter semester 2020/2021 at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin. Please read the following information carefully:


Website for incoming students

All the information concerning application procedure, deadlines, dates and organization of the new academic year 2020/2021 is available on our website for Erasmus+ participants: The website is updated regularly and each time new information is published, you will be notified about it also by e-mail.


Online or face-to-face classes?

By the Order of the Rector, the majority of courses will be delivered online, except for the courses in the first year of BA and in the first year of long-cycle MA study programmes and some practical courses that require for example special equipment (e.g. laboratories), which will be delivered face-to-face. IMPORTANT! The courses in the first year of the following study programmes in English will be delivered online: Philosophy, Applied Anthropology, European Studies, Biotechnology*, Journalism and Social Communication, Informatics and Mathematics.

*If you study Biotechnology, please contact our Erasmus+ Degree Programme Coordinator, Prof. Andrea Baier: regarding practical courses that will be delivered at the university.


IMPORTANT! Please note that according to the regulations of the European Commission you are entitled to the financial support within Erasmus+ programme covering the period of your stay abroad, regardless of the form of classes (whether face-to-face, blended or only online but only if you are physically abroad, in the country where the host university is located). Blended mobility means that there are both face-to-face and online courses during the semester. It is also possible to start the mobility in your home country (for example in case of only online classes at the host university) and continue at the host university when the situation allows for that, but in such a case you will not receive financial support within Erasmus+ for the period of stay in your home country. Please contact the Erasmus+ Office / International Relations Office of your home university for more details.


Possibilities regarding your Erasmus+ mobilities:

  1. If you decide to come to KUL for the winter semester 20/21 – please send us an e-mail about it first: Then, you may book your flight and accommodation, if you haven’t done it yet (please see the section Travel arrangements below), and purchase the insurance policies (health and accident insurance) covering the whole period of your stay in Poland. You should send us a photocopy of the insurance policy when you have it. If there are any application documents that you haven’t sent so far, apart from the insurance, you need to send the missing documents until 15th September.
  2. If you decide to postpone your Erasmus+ mobility to the summer semester 20/21 - please send us an e-mail about it: You need to submit the application documents until 30th November 2020.
  3. If you decide to cancel your Erasmus+ mobility in the academic year 20/21 – please send us an e-mail about it:

Application process and deadlines

Please consult the section How to apply? on our website for Erasmus+ students. You will find the list of required application documents there. You need to submit the required documents by e-mail.


Travel arrangements

Please bear in mind that the epidemiological situation changes dynamically. Before you make any travel arrangements or accommodation arrangements, you should check if new restrictions or regulations have been announced in the meantime. Please check the announcements concerning travelling abroad and entering Poland issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your home countries. You may also find the updated information on the website of the Republic of Poland: