• Director: dr hab. Wanda Bajor


Specialization (non-compulsory)

  • Pedagogical preparing for teaching the subject "Knowledge about culture" (the main specialization) and
  • "Philosophy" (additional specialization).


Cultural Studies are a new field of studies in Catholic University of Lublin. Undergraduate studies started in the academic year 2006/2007. Postgraduate studies (leading to a master's degree) will start in the academic year 2009/2010.


The studies of culture are generally the humanities although they are held in The Faculty of Philosophy. Yet the humanities are always based on some philosophical pressupositions. A syllabus of studies allows the students to get deeper understanding of culture as the way of being a man and as environment of man's personal progress. Students have a chance to have an insight into different fields of culture from a point of view of different branches of knowledge. The special emphasis is put on two fields of culture i.e. art and religion. Students can get deeper knowledge on them thanks to specializations: "The Knowledge of Art" and "Religious Studies".