Bogusław Leszek Block

Abstract. The paper presents research dealing with the intensification of problems encountered by people with spinal cord injuries. Intensity and substance of individually encountered problems cover spheres of: personaltiy, family, social contacts and occupational in away the problems are experienced and felt by disabled people themselves. These problems are related to the psychosocial situation of people with spinal cord injuries. The reserach covered a group of 150 people, paraplegics and tetraplegics, of an average age of 26. T. Witkowski URK Scale was used for defining the intensity of subjectively experienced problems. The examinations were conducted individually at home, in rehabilitation facilities and hospitals all over Poland.
    The analysis results was aimed at determing the level on intensity of problems faced by paraplegic and tetraplegics. The intensity of problems if people with permant spinal cord injuries can be described as characteristic for that population. Over 40 percent of the examined show high and very high intensity of problem situation. These people need competent, professional attention of specialists who treat and rehabilitate cases of paraplegis and tetraplegics. The most acutely felt problems are related to the occupational sphere (vocational or school activity) and psychosocial personality and family problems. Problems related to the sphere of social contacts turned out to be the least acute. Only that sphere of problems is more intense in cases of tetraplegics. The research results did not confirm the assumption that a higher degree of disability should cause the greater intensity of psychosocial problems.
    The author hopes that the results of reserach will allow a more accurate description of the extent of psychic and social rehabilitation and contribute to the optimisation of effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.
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