By implementing the fundamental goal of the article, which is to highlight the impact of John Paul II on the development of canonic studies, the Author starts by pointing out the theological focus fundamental for the contemporary canonist, outlined with reference to coinciding anniversaries (John Paul II’s visit at the Catholic University of Lublin, the promulgation of 1917 Code of Canon Law, Fatima Apparitions and St Therese of Lisieux’s offering herself to Merciful Love).

The extraordinary meaning of the Polish Pope for the renewal of Canon Law is shown by pointing out his legislative activeness and his contribution to the methodological and epistemological development of canonic studies. The author expresses his conviction that the picture thus created should be completed with conclusions drawn from the analysis of the connection between the mystic experience of John Paul II with his legislative activity.


Keywords: John Paul II, Code of Canon Law, canon law interpretation

Autor: Zuzanna Gądzik
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