Robert Balas

Summary. The study was designed to explore the influence of metaphorical hints on creative problem solving. Participants represented two cognitive styles: intuitive and rational. The differentiation between these styles was asssessed by means of Intuitionism – Rationalism Questionnaire , and Mind’s Type Scale, both based on Jungian typology of personality. Author’s procedure, “METAFOR”, was applied to measure participants’ level of creativity. It was hypothesized that (1) because of certain features of intuitive style (their generally wider attention span, parallel information processing, partial inability to provide clues used in decision making, and well developed skill in metaphors’ comprehension) intuitionists would be more creative in solving problems with metaphor as a hint than rationalists, and (2) that they would prefer solving this kind of problems. There was no significant difference between these groups in terms of preferences. The results indicated positive influence of metaphors on the level of most creativity indicators applied. Also, intuitionists appeared to be more sensitive to presence of metaphorical hints in terms of their fluency and flexibility. The conclusion is drawn that intuitive style of information processing is positively associated with creativity, especially when metaphors are used to facilitate creative problem solving
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