PhD Justyna Szulich-Kałuża




She is an adjunct at Journalisms and Social Communication Department, Department of Sociology KUL, Department of Family Science KUL JP II and a lecturer at The College of Social Studies in Lublin.


Scientific interests: analysis of media transmissions, the methodology of qualitative research, the shape of the contemporary family.


Participation in international project Ehe und Familienvorstellungen Jugendlicher im internationalen Vergleich  (young people's conceptions of marriage and  family - international analyses) realized in years 2004 - 2006.


The scope of publications: press studies, research methodology, visual sociology, sociology of the family.



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2005 and previous publications 

The stigma of inferiority of Poland and the Poles in the magazine Der Spiegel. In: The culture of minority and marginal groups. Ed. L. Dyczewski., Lublin, KUL publishing company 2005  p. 149-159.


Societies of European states in the assessment of columnists Der Spiegel. Annals of Social Sciences of 2004 no 1


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