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KULturalia 2022 under the banner: “In Solidarity with Ukraine”

This year's Days of Student Culture - KULturalia 2022 will be held on the 13th and 14th of May under the slogan "In Solidarity with Ukraine".

Stars such as Ania Dąbrowska, Daria Zawiałow, Piotr Cugowski and the band IRA will be performing in the courtyard of the Catholic University of Lublin.

The events will be devoted to supporting refugees from Ukraine, as well as to honoring institutions that help them thanks to KUL

The tickets for the concerts are available online on or in the office of the Student Council (room CN-231) in the university building at Racławickie Avenue 14 (Polish: Aleje Racaławickie) in Lublin. Part of the income from the tickets will be allocated for helping refugees from Ukraine. The price of a ticket for all events every day is PLN50 for students, and PLN70 for others. “KULturalia 2022 – the event that for many years has been characterized by a high level of student culture, this year will be held under the banner: “In Solidarity with Ukraine”.

The purpose of the events is to support Ukraine and its citizens as well as to integrate the academic society of our university, while maintaining openness to all universities in Lublin.” - said the Vice-Rector for students, postgraduates and development, Prof. Beata Piskorska. The Vice-Rector of KUL also emphasized that the university authorities had decided to reduce the scale of this year's KULturalia for safety reasons related to the situation beyond the eastern border of Poland. The events accompanying the KULturalia, incl. sports or cultural ones, will be organized at a later date.

Prof. Piskorska added that on the second day of KULturalia the people and institutions which supported KUL in its helping Ukrainian refugees will be honoured.

John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin – as reminded Prof. Piskorska – has been offering a broad help for Ukrainian refugees since the first days of the Russian aggression. What is important, not only students of KUL but also their relatives obtained lodging, legal and psychological support.

The Event called ‘Days of Student Culture – KULturalia 2022’ is organized by University’s Student Council and the foundation “Fundacja Rozwoju KUL” in cooperation with the university authorities.

“What is important and should be emphasized here is that KULturalia this year take place under the banner of “In Solidarity with Ukraine”. “We are aware that our eastern neighbours are struggling with Russian invasion and we want to support our Ukrainian brothers not only in a symbolic way.” - said the board chairman of the foundation “Fundacja Rozwoju KUL”, Tomasz Tokarski who, during the press briefing at University Media Center, was accompanied by vice chairman of the foundation Tomasz Ośko. “We hope that KULturalia yet again will be an event with high level of student culture, and that it will fulfill the expectations not only of students of KUL but also of students of other universities in Lublin.” - added Tomasz Tokarski. The planned concerts and artists of KULturalia 2022 were introduced by the Student Council’s chairman Paweł Zdybel. “We count on the huge success of our event. We are planning two concert days – on the 13th of May the performers will be Ania Dąbrowska and Daria Zawiałow, on the 14th of May there will be a concert of Piotr Cugowski and the band IRA. During the second day of the concert we are planning to present a film that summarizes our foregoing help for Ukraine” – said Paweł Zdybel, thanking the medial patrons and sponsors.

For the Catholic University of Lublin the most important thing was, especially during the first days of Russian invasion, to provide free accommodation for refugees – in a short-term way it was possible in the dormitories at Konstantynów and Niecała Streets in Lublin. Furthermore, the workers and volunteers of KUL got engaged in collecting most necessary things for families from Ukraine. So far, thanks to the help of donors, over a dozen of transports with gifts have gone to Ukraine.

In addition to the direct in-kind assistance and help, the University also launched a fundraiser: the foundation “Fundacja Rozwoju KUL” opened a bank account to which funds can be transferred to help victims of Russian aggression. KUL also started a hotline/helpline, thanks to which students from Ukraine could obtain information on where to search for help, how to continue their studies in Poland, as well as information on the forms of assistance provided by the Catholic University of Lublin

The refugees also receive legal, psychological and spiritual support from the Catholic University of Lublin

The refugees also receive also legal, psychological and religious/spiritual support from KUL. The University has offered help for families, for mothers to look after their children, a bank of job offers for refugees (permanent and temporary job offers can be forwarded to “Biuro Karier KUL”), free Polish language courses, financial support for students and postgraduates from Ukraine as well as

assistance of volunteers at information and accommodation points, including assistance for people with disabilities