Dear Friends!


We cordially invite you to a series of meetings of the "Language Café", held as part of the Lublin Coalition for Integration project and in cooperation with the KUL Academic Chaplaincy.


What is the "Language Café"?

The meetings in the café are a perfect opportunity to learn languages by way of language learning tandems, in other words "a language for a language" sessions. Participants have the opportunity to learn a foreign language from a native speaker. However, in exchange they will offer the same to their language partner. Such partnerships/tandems are supposed to provide a contact with a living language and authentic vocabulary and pronunciation. They are also a chance to get to know other cultures and establish international contacts and friendships.


For whom?

The meeting is open to both Polish students/graduates who want to deepen their knowledge of foreign languages, as well as to foreign students/graduates who would like to learn Polish. This is an opportunity for those who want to learn and in return are ready to teach others.


How to prepare for a meeting?

  1. Take a notebook and a pen or pencil. You might need to take a note or explain something to your language partner.
    2. Think about what exactly (words, sentences) and how you could teach others.

08.05, 22.05, 05.06

TIME: 7.45-10.00p.m.


Free entrance!

Coordinators: Alvaro Silva, Karolina Kwiecińska