American Constitutional Law      3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542729


Bankruptcy Law     6 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542757


Comparative Constitutional Law     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542772


Criminal Procedure      3 ECTS    SUSPENDED



Legal Advocacy        3 ECTS    SUSPENDED





Derecho eclesiasticco del Estado polaco (in Spanish)          6 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=543385


European Law of Regional Development      6 ECTS


International Human Rights in Practice         3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542730


Legal Skills Seminar         3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542877


Negotiations         3 ECTS    

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=542758


Religious freedom in the case-law of the European Court of Human Rights     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=543457


Torts       3 ECTS





Anti-discrimantion law (in English)    3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547436&oz_lng=2 


Criminal law (in English)      3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547437&oz_lng=2


E justice (in English)      3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547440&oz_lng=2 


El derecho matrimonial en Unión Europea (in Spanish)      3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547439&oz_lng=2


European finance and financial law (in English)    3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547441&oz_lng=2


Fundamentals of alternative resolution of international disputes (in English)    3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547442&oz_lng=2


Grundbegriffe des Deutschen Bürgerlichen Recht (in German)    3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547443&oz_lng=2


History of the European Legal Culture (in English)    3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547444


Introduction to Criminal Law (in English)     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547445&oz_lng=2


Introduction to torts in civil code (in English)        3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547446&oz_lng=2


Medical Law (in English)     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547448&oz_lng=2


National and global security law (in English)       3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547449&oz_lng=2


Public International and EU Law - legal sources and case law (in English)     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547450&oz_lng=2


Sportrecht (in German)      3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547451&oz_lng=2


Международное законодательство (in Russian)     3 ECTS

Description: https://e.kul.pl/qlsale.html?op=10&zid=547447&oz_lng=2