Professor Maciej Jońca



Born in 1978 in Kielce. Lawyer and art historian. Head of the Chair of Roman Law at the Catholic University of Lublin. In year 2010-2017 visiting professor at the Faculty of Canon Law at the the Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

A laureate of the Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst scholarship between 2005-2006. A laureate of the Centro di Studi e Ricerche sui Diritti Antichi (Pavia) scholarship in 2007. Visiting scholar at the Faculty of Classics in Cambridge in 2008 and 2009. A laureate of the Towarzystwo Przyjaciół KUL scholarship for the research in the British Museum in 2015. Apart from the above, he performed advanced research at the University of Edinburgh, Pontificia Università Gregoriana (Rome), Universität zu Köln (Cologne), Univerzita Karlova (Prague) and Ivan Franko National University (Lviv).

Initiator and coordinator of the grant entitled: „Roman criminal law. Institutions”.



Roman private law, Roman criminal law, European legal culture, Laws and customs in the New Testament.


Research Interests

Legal pluralism in the ancient world, Roman criminal law, Roman law and canon law in the Middle Ages, legal iconography, Roman law as a tool for legal education, Roman law as a part of the Western culture.  



English, German, Italian, Portugese, Russian, Latin, Ancient Greek.


Education and Career
2002 – degree in law at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (further: KUL)
1998-2004 – degree in history of art at KUL
2002-2005 – PhD. student
2005-2007 – junior lecturer in the Chair of Roman Law at KUL
2006 – public defense of the PhD. thesis: Parricidium w prawie rzymskim
2007-2015 – associated professor in the Chair of Roman Law at KUL

2013 – public defense of the postdoctoral dissertation (habilitation): Violation of a grave in Roman law

1999-2001 – studies in American law conducted by the Centre for American Studies and Chicago-Kent College of LawIllinois Institute
2002-2005 – freier Zuhörer at the Classical Philology Institute at KUL


Representative publications


     Monographs (in Polish)

  1. Parricidium w prawie rzymskim (Parricidium in Roman law), Wyd. KUL, Lublin 2008, pp. 351 
  2. Głośne rzymskie procesy karne (Famous Roman criminal trials),Ossolineum, Wrocław 2009, pp. 319
  3. Laudatio Turiae - funebris oratio uxori dedicata, Wyd. Nauk. UAM, Poznań 2011, pp. 162
  4. Prawo rzymskie. Marginalia (Roman Law. Marginalia), Wyd. KUL, Lublin 2012, pp. 341
  5. Przestępstwo znieważenia grobu w rzymskim prawie karnym (Violation of a grave in the Roman criminal law), Wyd. KUL, Lublin 2013, pp. 465


      Selected articles published in the foreign languages

  1. The Scope of exilium voluntarium in the Roman Republic, [w:] La repressione criminale nella Roma repubblicana fra norma e persuasione, ed. B. Santalucia, Pavia 2009, pp. 77-91
  2. Provisions for the proconsul. Some remarks on D. in the Kórnik manuscript of Digestum Vetus, Classica Cracoviensia 15 (2012), pp. 123-137
  3. Die Stanza della Segnatura von Raffael. Versuch einer "romanistischen" Exegese, [w:] Fontes Iuris. Atti del IV Jahrestreffen Junger Romanistinnen und Romanisten. Lecce 30-31 marzo 2012, hrsg. P. Buongiorno, S. Lohse, Napoli 2013, pp. 219-233