Galijska, E., Aranowska, E. Metodologiczne podstawy analizy stylu komunikacji muzycznej, 327-344


Abstract. Communication was studied using musical instrument in three diagnostic groups and in the group of students. The following communication styles were obtained: (1) in the group with eating disorders - the „childish" style, based on the similarity rule, on melting with the partner, on submission (the „beneath" strategy); musical message of the background type; (2) in the neurotic group - the style of the „critical parent" based on the dissimilarity rule, of the cutting off, being away, intellectualizing (the „above" strategy); musical message as the figure distorted by control and stiffening; (3) in the group with „others" disorders - the style of a „strong man", based on the rule of contrast, „excess", chaos, rivalry, battle (the „crosswise" type strategy, violation of boundaries of the partner); musical message as the „exploding" figure; (4) in the group of students — the style based on the rule of complementarily, (the „towards" people strategy); the message as emotionally and muskaly differentiated figure. In this re-search, a new statistical proposal - the X coefficient of expressiveness of the traits of the patient, introduced by E. Aranowska (2004), was empirically verified.
Autor: Ewelina Soszyńska
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